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Do you want to contribute to a greener world, but aren't sure how? Greener shows you how to really do something.

Greener Missions are packed with in-depth information, displayed in an easily digestible manner. Want to get straight to the point? Just follow the steps to complete the missions!

Actions and events

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In order to stop the climate crisis, we have to make our voices heard. Act now!

Find actions and events near you, or organize your own events and share them through Greener.

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Greener is even more fun when you work together.

Form teams with friends, family, and colleagues, take on new missions and learn from each other.

Meet new people and become part of a growing social network of climate heroes!


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The latest climate and environmental news delivered straight to your phone.


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Become a climate expert with interactive lessons, including videos and quizzes.

Learn about the environment, fossil fuels, climate justice, animal agriculture, the Paris Agreement, biomass, greenwashing, plastic, green energy, waste management and many other topics.

Our vision

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We want to help you become active for a better environment in a way that is truly effective -- and fun! We believe that by bringing people together, we can increase our positive impact on the planet.

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Greener is free, and always will be.

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