Our vision

Person sitting on cloud and dreaming.

The climate crisis

We take climate science seriously and are not afraid to face the facts. A broad scientific consensus tells us that in order to stop the climate crisis and improve our quality of life, it is essential to:

  • Stop the burning of fossil fuels
    Greenhouse gas emissions must be tackled at the source: it’s time to turn off the tap.
  • Transition to more plant-centered diets
    Plant-based eating is not only crucial for our planet, it's also better for our health, puts a halt to deforestation, prevents animal cruelty, and cuts down on food and water waste.
  • Give nature back to nature
    By reforesting and rewilding depleted forests and woodlands, these areas can be restored and greenhouse gas emissions re-absorbed.

Shifting the blame

Triangle of responsability: red arrows.

The majority of people in the Netherlands are concerned about the climate crisis and want to do something about it¹. Why, then, is there so little happening? Why is the energy transition taking so long?

One explanation is what we might call the “triangle of blame”: by continually shifting responsibility for the problem to a different point of the triangle, nothing ever really changes.

This situation is maintained by destructive sectors that benefit from it, such as the fossil fuel industry, aviation, and animal agriculture.

Active citizenship

Triangle of responsibility transformed into action: green arrows.

The way to combat inaction and bring about real change is through active citizenship. Green consumerism remains important, but because of lobbying and fossil fuel subsidies, it isn’t enough just to "buy green." An active citizen lends his/her voice to the political, social, and cultural debate.

From inaction to action

Instead of shifting responsibility, the three points of a “green” triangle help and inspire each other. Here are a few examples of what we believe is necessary:


  • Show mass support for systemic climate action
  • Show that a green lifestyle is possible and must become the new normal
  • Support effective climate policy
  • Condemn environmentally destructive policy
  • Draw attention to the urgency of the climate crisis


  • Help citizens switch from gas to green energy
  • Help promote a plant-based diet by lowering tax on clean, healthy food
  • Acknowledge ecocide (substantially damaging ecosystems or harming the health and well-being of a species) as an internationally punishable crime
  • Phase out subsidies for destructive industries
  • Ban misleading fossil fuel advertising and other forms of ‘greenwashing’
  • Require polluters to pay the costs of energy transition (‘polluter pays principle’)
  • Help livestock farmers make the transition to plant-based agriculture


  • Move towards sustainable, fully circular production and product lifecycle management
  • Take responsibility for the complete lifecycle of products and waste
  • Take urgent steps to reduce carbon emissions to zero
  • Spearhead (continued) development in the area of sustainability and renewable energy

Independent and inclusive

Triangle of responsability: red arrows.

We are 100% green: our only goal is to help build a greener, safer and fairer society.

We stand for an inclusive climate movement that embraces diversity.